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Data Append Services
Data Append Services

Enhance Business Data

Need to analyse trends in your customers? Need SIC codes for official documentation? Need contact information added to an existing business list? Our append services can help you.

Higher match rates

We use our own software Unity to perform all of our data enhancement and matching. Unity is used by many other data companies, but as we wrote the software we know how to drive it best and achieve the best matching/data appending results.

One step beyond

We also use other tools we have created to supplement our data appending, for example AutoSIC is our own tool for adding SIC codes to data just based on the company name.
If you were to scan down a list of company names, you would be able to tell what many of them do just from the name, for example with ‘Franks Butchers’ and ‘The Butchers Arms’, our software would know that one of these is a butcher and the other is a pub.

Some of the elements we can add:
  o SIC code and description
  o Our own SIC Plus code and description
  o Employee band
  o Turnover band
  o Telephone/Fax Numbers
  o Senior Contacts
  o Company links
  o VAT numbers
  o Companies House registrations numbers

SIC coding
Our forte is SIC coding, our average SIC coding success rate is 99% of the businesses in any database when using our automated solution followed by manual research.

Manual Intervention

Our dedicated team of manual researchers are on hand to sanity check data and infill gaps that our automated procedures have left. we'll go that extra mile to improve the standard and coverage of your data.

Buy Business Data
Buy Business Lists

Purchase Business lists

There are 2.6 million businesses in the UK that pay VAT or are on the PAYE system. Our databases try and include as many of these businesses as we can plus many Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) businesses.

Knowledge of data sources

If you need a list of businesses we can help. We'll discuss your requirements and offer the best data for your purpose. We have our own business universe plus we are brokers of many 3rd party business databases. Our experts know which data is best to use when and we'll get you a good price!

Our 2 main business data sources:

Standard business database max price* £90+VAT per thousand. A great source of data for postal/telephone campaigns, built by us from many reputable sources of data.

Premium business database max price* at £230+VAT per thousand. The best performing UK business data we have found, researched on a 10 month cycle and includes over 750,000 email addresses.

* Discounts are given based on the number of records purchased.

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