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About oblong

Oblong (UK) Ltd

Formed in 2006, Oblong (UK) Ltd quickly became a
leading supplier of B2B data, software and data solutions.

We rave about our products and our services, but our
unique selling point is our staff and their skills, it is what
we can achieve with our products that makes us better!

We think outside the box. We are very good at providing
solid bespoke solutions as well as off-the-shelf systems.

We act as a behind the scenes solutions provider to other
data companies who re-sell our services. Why not cut out
the middle man and work directly with us?

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Our Clients
We tend to work with large companies although any B2B company will likely benefit from our products
We have worked for many household names including
E.on, Severn Trent, Northgate plc, Sita and TalkTalk

Our Philosophy

Tailored Business Solutions.

It is our mission to deal with the complexities of data on your behalf,
to help you achieve your goals without baffling you with science, keywords and nonsense.
We want to be on the same page as you, understand your requirements and deliver you the best solution.

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