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We are a Business Data owner and broker

Below is information on our 4 most popular business databases...


A great source of data for postal/telephone campaigns, built by us from many reputable sources of data. Starting* at a price of £90+VAT per thousand business records.

Premium (recommended for most requirements)

The best performing UK business data we have found, researched on a 10 month cycle and includes over 1.5 million senior decision makers and over 750,000 email addresses.
Starting* at a price of £230+VAT per thousand business records.

Contact Rich (price on request)
Researched on a 6 month cycle this data contains multiple key decision maker contacts for larger UK companies. Email addresses are available.

Companies House (price on request)
Each month we take the full Companies House database and enhance with data elements from our own database, telephone numbers, contact names, URL, employee bands and more.

* Discounts will be given based on the number of records purchased.

UK Business database breakdown:

There are 2.6 million businesses in the UK that pay VAT or are on the PAYE system. Our databases try and include as many of these businesses as we can plus many Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) businesses.

Selecting Data

You can purchase data lists by SIC code, number of employees, postal area and much more in any way you see fit. Pick the fields you want on your extract. We can also suppress your existing data, to stop you paying for records you already have.

We sell data for business mailing lists, email campaigns,
fax campaigns, telemarketing, satellite navigation, business  directories, magazine mailings, leaflet distribution.

Whatever your business data needs, we can help!

Free samples & counts

We'll do what we can to make sure you know you are getting data that is fit for your purpose. To this end we'll perform free counts, quotations and offer samples of our data.

Knowledge of data sources

If you need a list of businesses we can help. We'll discuss your requirements and offer the best data for your purpose. We have our own business universe plus we are brokers of many 3rd party business databases. Our experts know which data is best to use when and we'll get you a good price!


If you have an issue with data you've purchased let us know, in the unlikely event that there is a problem with the data we'll replace records or issue a credit.

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