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What is my sic code?

Need a SIC code? We've put together this handy tool to help people find their SIC code.

Try entering your company name first, then if you have no luck try typing in what your company does, for example "Plumbing", "Sale of Tractors", "Pub" etc.

This form uses version 2.1 of our AutoSIC software to generate a SIC code from the words in a given company name.
Please note the software we use for bulk automated SIC coding is more sophisticated and returns much better results.

AutoSIC uses millions of words and statistics to apply an SIC code based on a given company name. Although the software is not 100% reliable it will SIC code a good percentage of companies correctly. Although every effort has been made to make the SIC codes accurate Oblong UK Ltd does not accept responsibility for  any issues arising from their use.

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